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I have to be honest. When this famous neuropsychologist told me that I could turn single girls to be my fuck buddy. I thought he’s just a weird loner who fantasizes about fucking hot girls. All of the stories that he told me was all about the hot, young girls he was banging. But after I saw how we pulls single girls in a bard, I knew he must be the real deal.

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Yeah some guys get lucky. They go to a bar or a club hoping to get laid. But then there are some ugly old guys that can land smoking hot single girls. These type of guys know what they’re doing. This neuropsychologist is one of them.

He’s completely over the hill AND totally socially awkward. However, his new discovery is pure genius.

You see, his brand new trick hijacks a woman’s ancient cavewoman brain. That’s the part of her brain that’s driven purely by her emotions. The part that loses control when she gets too horny. And with his trick, completely below average men can now make any woman lose sexual control around him.

Look, I know feminists are going to hate me for showing you this presentation. But I’m just here reporting the facts. This stuff works. It works like crazy. I’ve tried it. I’m not here to say whether it’s ethical or not. So please use good judgement when using this secret, ok? It’s pretty damn powerful.

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You should remember that this page may not be up for long. Let me remind you that a lot of feminists are wanting to take this page down. You see, those girls don’t want to let you know how EASY they can be. They don’t want you to know that you can seduce them and get them to bed with just a few simple tricks. They don’t want you to know that they got fucked by that ugly guy simply because he knows how to seduce them. Girls want to keep their pride. Women want to show to the world that only rich good looking men can have sex with them. The illusion is now shattered. You can get single girls to be your fuck buddy.

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