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I have the horniness of an 18 year old, but my 49 year old body doesn’t exactly attract women anymore. Since my divorce, I have not had any luck with the ladies, until my corporate office hired this ridiculously hot 22 year old temp named Samantha.

Everyday I’d stare from her legs up to her ass each time she walked by, and when shed drop off papers on my desk, her cleavage would give me wood.

So I saw your page. The one with the fucbook method, and I decided to experiment by asking Samantha the pick up lines on steroids. As soon as I did, she volunteered to stay late that day.

What happened next BLEW MY MIND! She came in my office, locked the door, and got on her knees. Yes, she gave me a BJ and swallowed! Something my ex wife of 24 years never did. All because I used on her the techniques that you revealed!

I just hope I don’t get fired, but if I do, Samantha’s mouth is well worth it!

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